If you’re visiting our website, chances are you or someone you care about has been injured. Whether or not you decide to let us help, the following tips will prove to be valuable in maximizing your chances of recovery and ensuring your rights are protected:

  • Take multiple photographs of your injuries, property damage, and accident scene. Make sure the photographs are in focus, clear, and encompass everything. Store these photographs in a safe place.
  • Keep track of your out-of-pocket expenses related to your injuries and damages. This includes medical bills, vehicle repair expenses, and rental car fees. Keep all receipts and invoices from anything related to your injury in a folder.
  • Do not delay. Consult with our office immediately. The sooner you seek out advice, the better.

You have a story tell. The only way to tell that story in a court of law is through clear, powerful evidence. By taking the steps outlined above, you will greatly improve our ability to tell your story.